We are blessed to have such a great facility as the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center Mountain Home Tennessee.

        Dr. Carl J. Gerber was an excellent Veterans Administration/Affairs Medical Center Director. I admire all that he did for JHQ VAMC, the ETSU Quillen College of Medicine, Johnson City, and the surrounding area, he has passed on and is missed.

        My hats off to Charlene S. Ehret the Medical Center Director. She has admirably filled the shoes of Dr. Gerber. She is a real leader. She has really improved the medical service of the JHQ VAMC. She has addressed and is still addressing the parking situation at the facility (parking is the major sore point of veterans coming here). Under her leadership I suspect that JHQ VAMC will be constantly improving.

        Dr. David R. Reagan the Chief of Staff at JHQ is a hard working physician who is very patient oriented. Sorry... other VAMC's, but there is only one Dr. Reagan.

        I cannot say enough about the JHQ VAMC Primary Care Teams. They are hard workers and excellent caregivers, they cannot be beat.

       PC also enjoys the support of the most professional people one could interface with in the areas of Pathology/Laboratory, Pharmacy, X-Ray, Ophthalmology, Audiology, Diabetic Clinic, Emergency Room, Release of Information, and Podiatry just to mention a few. The folks who keep the Computer System working and develop programs also do an excellent job. All these personnel work hard individually and as a team to serve the American Veteran.

        I have had occasion for me and family members to use the Emergency Room and they do an excellent job of triage and treatment.

        The phlebotomy section is doing an excellent job. We need to thank them for the good job they do.

        We recently had dealings with prosthetics and physical therapy and they are doing a good job. they have especially been a help to my brother.

        There are only two areas that I have major problems with (I prefer to call them challenges): (1) There is still a lot to be done to improve parking. (2) The telephone system really needs to be improved. I, and most veterans,  prefer the personal touch rather than pushbuttons and the hurry up and wait system.

        I think the JAMES H. QUILLEN VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER (JHQ VAMC) is the best medical facility in North East Tennessee and for that matter America, whether it be federal, public, or private.

        I will from time to time elaborate on certain aspects of this facility in particular,  and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I will not hold back on criticism, however I only have accolades for the JHQ VAMC at this time.

August 2011:

It sure has been a long time since I have revised/added to this page. I am here to tell you that the JHQ VAMC just steadily keeps improving. Not only myself but brothers and fellow veterans have given positive comments about this facility and its staff. people who have impressed my lately are the eye clinic, pulmonary (O2 cert and Pulmonary 1, 2). The staff just keeps getting better. The people in phlebotomy are also really good. I also have had occasion to interface via telephone with VISN 9 Nurse Triage and they have been very patient and succinct. The ER has really been good and beneficial to a brother and brother-in-law.

I had a brother who recently had cataract eye surgery and he is very pleased and doing very well. A diabetic brother of mine has already had cataract surgery and the months after follow-up has excellent.

The HealtheVet system is working very well. The one exception to this is that they have not advanced far enough so that you can get lab, x-ray, etc. results using the Blue Button, but they are working on it and I am confident that it will happen. The secure messaging is a real boon to us all.

Director Ehret, Dr. David R. Reagan, and the Primary Care Teams can be very proud of those who serve under and with them.

February 2011:

Boy... I have done quite a bit of interfacing with JHQ VAMC over the past few month's. I am really impressed. Those folks in X-Ray and the CT Scan are really good, as are the Radiologists. Everyone in Pulmonary is doing a fantastic job. It makes me stand up and take notice at the huge job those who work in the ER do, and that's from the clerks/admins right on up through the doctors. I will say that the ER needs more staff. The present staff gets inundated but they keep on trucking. All the Primary Care folks just keep on a doing' and I am impressed.

Again >>> The only severe complaint is the telephone system which has gone from bad to worse. In talking to other vets I understand that this complaint is prevalent at most, if not all, VAMC's.


January 2011:

I continue to be impressed with JHQ VAMC. I am the caregiver for 3 vets and they all say they are getting excellent care. None of these vets have expressed any dissatisfaction with the personnel and staff.

The only severe complaint is the telephone system which has gone from bad to worse. In talking to other vets I understand that this complaint is prevalent at most, if not all, VAMC's.



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