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This is where I get to express my opinion, and it should be considered strictly that (My Humble Opinion). So don't go getting your feelings hurt, and whine, and cry...after all, it is just my opinion.


    We are becoming, or have become, a socialist country. The bailouts are totally out of control. We are sliding down the slippery slope. I think it will take a miracle to slow down, let alone stop, the trend. Don't you hope God grabs us up by our heels and gives us a good shaking. Will America wake up?

Posted 11-01-2008



We are blessed to have such a great facility as the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center Mountain Home Tennessee.

    My hats off to the Medical Center Director, Primary Care, and all the personnel who serve the American Veteran. I think this VAMC is the best medical facility in North East Tennessee, wheither it be federal, public, and private.

Posted 11-01-2008



    I fear that the Town of Unicoi and Unicoi County is quickly and irreversibly becoming a tourist/snowbird town (Just like Western North Carolina). So who cares if your children and grand children grow up only to be offered minimum wage jobs, rather than well paying high tech/industrial jobs. Do you care?

    I can also guarantee that there will never be a nuclear power plant here or in NET (North East Tennessee). This is because of the typical fear fight which the in place tourism crowd will wage.

Posted 11-01-2008


Say guys, why can't such educated people, as you hold yourselves out to be, get it right. I'm talking about you referring to anything that happens in Unicoi or Unicoi County simply as "Unicoi". Here's my simple geography lesson for you. The Town of Unicoi  is Unicoi. The County of Unicoi is Unicoi County. The Town of Erwin is Erwin. So common sense dictates that if it happens in Unicoi County, but not in Unicoi or Erwin, then it should be referred to as Unicoi County (duh). If it happens in Erwin then it should be referred to as Erwin (double duh). If it happens in Unicoi then it should be referred to as Unicoi (triple duh). It is so simple to see that everything in Unicoi County is not simply (except for the simple minded) Unicoi. Please don't tell me that you use the term Unicoi for everything to conserve space, because if that is true then you should refer to Johnson City simply as Johnson, or maybe even Knoxville as Knox. BTW I do subscribe to the Johnson City Press.

Posted 11-01-2007


     I am an independent. I have voted and will continue to vote for Republicans, Democrats,  Independents, and anyone else that pleases me. I am very conservative, slightly moderate, and slightly liberal.

     I think you are full of bull if you don't study the issues and the candidates prior to voting for issues and candidates. Preferably you will be voting for a candidate rather than against him/her.

     You can visit my Political Endorsement page to see who and what I support.

Posted 11-01-2007

I strongly support President George W. Bush

I do disagree with him on some important things. For instance he is too lax on illegal immigrants. The fact of the matter is that he and most all of the U.S. Senators are guilty of not upholding the constitution by not defending our borders and enforcing existing laws. We are a nation of laws, aren't we? He also is not a fiscal conservative.

Our President is a good and honorable man. He has a wonderful family. You could not have a better first lady than Laura Bush. May God bless the whole family.

I do support the war in Iraq. It is our (The United States of America) war. I believe one should support their country when it is at war.

Well the November 2006 election is over and I am still proud of our president.

Posted 11-01-2006

Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is a great guy. If I could, I would vote for him in a minute for Senator. I have a lot of respect for this man. I certainly hope he is re-elected to office. May God bless you Joe, as you journey through life.

Well the November 2006 election is over and Joe was reelected as an Independent. I am so proud of Senator Lieberman. The Democrats were sure stupid on this one!

Posted 11-01-2007


I believe in global warming. I do not believe that it is basically caused by man (SUV's, industry, etc.). We have always gone through warming and cooling cycles ever since God made this ole Earth. Our sun, Sol, has also gone through cycles. So... I do believe that the sun has warmed up, increasing the temperature of all the planets. Note that it is also reported that Mars is going through global warming. Somehow I seem to trust Mother Nature to take care of this, rather than man. Do educated men (scientists) think they can correct what is happening in the course of nature? I think that would be silly! Finally a list of scientists who believe in man caused global warming reveals that most are not educated in earth sciences, therefore they probably have no more acumen than you or I.

Posted 11-01-2007


Say... Have you noticed... that since we elected a Democratic (not democratic) Congress that things have gotten worse. Like, have you bought gasoline lately (ahem). Have you noticed... that the stock market, and housing have sort of started going down the tubes lately (ahem). BTW, did you notice who is in charge of writing laws and funding, or not funding, programs, why it's the Democrats (ahem). Did you notice that illegal immigration has not been stopped and just who is in charge of the laws and funding (oops, ahem).

BTW my Daddy was a darn good great Democrat, but he was conservative, loved his country, and loved God. I don't think he would fit in if he were still alive. As a matter of fact the Democratic Party I grew up with definitely is not around anymore.

Posted 11-01-2007

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